What Does BREXIT Mean For The International Private Medical Insurance, Assistance And Air Ambulance Industry? When asked this question recently by iPMI Magazine, Fiona Greenwood (Rowland Brothers International) responded:

We can try to predict the impact of Brexit, but until we know the outcome of government negotiations, we cannot tell if or how our service will be affected.

Political fluctuations and changes could affect some aspects of repatriation, but the industry has to move with the times to ensure that we can deal with the changing environment.  But based on our broad and long experience, we can make some suggestions.

Destinations for leisure travel could change, depending on the tourist’s perception of best value for money.  The Expat community could be affected, possibly curtailing their time abroad if Brexit affects the value of their pension, their lifestyle or status within their chosen European country. If global businesses decide to move their headquarters, different nationalities could be represented at the new corporate HQ.  We must monitor the changing political landscape, to be prepared for any changes, find suitable repatriation solutions, and meet any challenges in the future.

Read the full iPMIM article, here.

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