Overseas Funeral Directors

Our team is a reflection of our company ethos, multi-lingual, multi-faith, and multi-cultural, respecting any faith, nationality, origin and destination and offers help in French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish and Russian. We are able to help overseas funeral directors with repatriation logistics to and from anywhere in the world.

Repatriation Services from the UK

Rowland Brothers International is regularly updated on the constant changing rules and regulations many countries worldwide require when repatriating the deceased back to their homeland.

We fully understand all requirements relating to documentation, so we work effectively and efficiently with overseas funeral directors to deliver a quick repatriation.

  • Full collection and delivery services
  • Supply of coffin
  • Flight handling
  • Production of airway bill
  • Embalming
  • Legal documentation
  • Liaising with third parties
  • All additional associated documentation
  • Translation services

Funeral Assistance Worldwide

We can assist with all repatriations from any country to any global destination. Rowland Brothers International are experienced in the organisation of worldwide funeral services, we can arrange all the details required wherever you need.

Worldwide Funeral Services we offer:

  • Collection & preparation of the deceased
  • All administration/documentation
  • Grave preparations
  • Hearse bearer
  • Limos
  • Repatriation services
  • Floral tributes
  • Memorials


Where cremation is available, Rowland Brothers International can arrange a cremation with or without mourners attending

Cremation services we offer:

  • Full collection and delivery service
  • Arrange local cremation – with or without attendants
  • Repatriation of cremated remains
  • Burial or scattering of cremated remains
  • Floral tributes

Translation Services

Rowland Brothers International have over forty years experience in official documentation, permits and certificates needed to carry out repatriation. We can have these translated for your own use.

Coffins, Caskets & Urns

Rowland Brothers International have coffins, caskets and urns suitable for both repatriation travel and funeral services. When transporting the deceased we can provide a hermetically sealed coffin, casket or urn for transportation.

Find out how we prepare the deceased.

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