Rowland Brothers International are proud to be finalists for the 2017 ITIJ Global Ancillary Assistance Service Provider of the Year award.

The ITIJ awards recognise excellence in the diverse companies providing services worldwide to insurers and their clients.

As the first winners in this category in 2016, Rowland Brothers International are leading the future of funeral care and repatriation, providing support to those in need across the globe. We strive to continue to uphold our title of 2016 Global Ancillary Assistance Service Provider of the year through our values and the responsibilities we hold all over the world.

We are looking forward to the ITIJ International Travel and Health Insurance Conference and joining all other finalists in Barcelona in November for the 2017 awards.

Working together with families during a difficult time, we recognise that the process can seem complex and we aim to provide a solution that meets the needs of families while meeting the legal obligation. We are inspired to continue building global relationships with insurance and assistance specialists encouraging us to take our service to the next level.

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