Family Support

An important stage of funeral arrangement is bereavement. Rowland Brothers International can connect you to agents and organisations that offer bereavement services to families in need. We offer advice on what to do next and information on 24/7 bereavement counselling.

Rowland Brothers International also offers education days for assistance companies internationally providing training in bereavement support. Contact us for further information on our education days.

Global Bereavement Guidance

During repatriation, Rowland Brothers International ensures that our international agents are able to support you.

Repatriation Funeral Plans

Rowland Brothers International works with Golden Leaves International, to help you plan your repatriation in advance. This service is especially helpful for expatriates.

Pre-planning and paying in advance for your repatriation relieves your family of the burden of arranging your repatriation as well as your funeral service.

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