Today our world is more connected, more interdependent, more integrated than ever before.  With the advancement of technology, and social media, we are constantly globally connected. We can speak instantaneously with anyone wherever they live.

This phenomenal advance in communications technology has transformed the work Rowland Brothers International, established in 1971, does as an international repatriation specialist, one of the leading companies of its type anywhere in the world.

When someone dies away from their homeland, RBI steps in and handles everything necessary to repatriate their body to their homeland, coping with the immensely complex regulations and cultural customs. Sometimes the body can be brought home within days, but sometimes coroners, police, medical investigators and diplomats need to be involved, adding days and weeks to the timescale. These delays conflict with the strict burial or cremation customs of some nations, putting pressure on RBI to act at the fastest possible speed.

The role of an International Repatriations Specialist, or International Funeral Director as such companies are sometimes known, is crucial in the process of managing complex legal regulations and a variety of essential documentation, different languages and cultural requirements.  Along with our expert knowledge about all the countries across the globe, Rowland Brothers International, from its UK office, has expertly managed repatriation across the globe to such countries as Zimbabwe, Spain, Mexico, Ireland, China, South Africa, India, the United States and Peru, to name just a few.

Our team members speak more than eight languages, ensuring that international communications occur smoothly. With all this expertise and essential language skills, we continue to successfully help bereaved families returning their loved one’s home quickly, smoothly and professionally.

Our team also manage our dedicated foreign language appointed agents around the globe, ensuring we always have local knowledge to assist with a smooth repatriation process.

Rowland Brothers International’s expert team will always ensure that our clients receive a professional service delivered with empathy and conviction. We are only ever a phone call away and will always be able to provide you with expert advice and information about national and international funeral services.